Loving Yourself, Your Body and Your Life Has Never Been Easier!

Learn everything about self-love you need to know, at your own pace - with personal help and community support.

Generous, genuine, heartfelt wisdom that only comes  from experience and growth. Since joining Crazy Wild Love  I have already asked myself numerous questions and am finding answers. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me and am already grateful to Alexis for being such a brilliant coach and mentor. Something tells me this is the beginning of a great future.

Jamie Louise

Our new academy is the ultimate way to create a life you love with the support you crave.

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Delaney Williams Student, Utah

    “Before working with Alexis I felt lost and unable to listen to my inner truth that existed underneath the chaos…
    Our work together has sincerely changed me. The small subtle changes that occurred within me during our work together were quiet and beautiful. I have been able to begin to open up to the awareness that is me. Mind + body. And truly that was all I wanted, just to become more aware and present with myself because that is where true self- confidence and change resonates from."

  • avatar Katie M. Teacher, Minneapolis

    "What a great program for anyone who needs that kick-in-the-butt to get back on track, or just get on the right track! Alexis shares her own experience, advice and motivation that makes anyone know they CAN do it.I will definitely recommend this to all my friends."

  • Caroline L. Veterinarian, Lousiana

    "I have achieved so many results since working with Alexis! I feel so much more positive and happy in general!
    I’ve progressively integrated routines in my life, which I was missing. I went from never working out to working out almost 3 to 4 times a week (sometimes more!). I started meditating almost everyday. For the first in my life, waking up and mornings aren’t a torture like they used to be. I’ve mainly learned that it is ok to take care of myself, to feel beautiful without guilt, to spend some me time and enjoy it!

    Every little change seemed to have led me to something bigger and better. "

So What's The Academy All About?

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The 7 Keys To Your Success:

  1. NEW! Full access to the Crazy Wild Love Signature Course, including relationships, meditation, food and body, affirmations and more -- in 3+ hours of training ($297 value!)
  2. Full access to my BodyLove Harmony Master Course, including example meal plans and lifestyle tips based on your unique body and character type. ($197 value)
  3. Access to new trainings released each month including How To Find 'The One' in 2014 (among many others!). ($97 value each)
  4. Monthly group coaching calls so you can receive live coaching, personally ask your questions to Alexis —plus, recordings in case you miss the live calls! ($125 value each)
  5. Community support from your fellow members via our members-only Facebook page. (Invaluable!)
  6. Awesome prizes. Each month I give away gorgeous gifts to a member who has stepped up the most. This includes beauty boxes, flowers, books - just to name a few.
  7. A 30-Day Guarantee. A tuition that's way less than the value, because great training and coaching should be available to anyone who wants it. And if Crazy Wild Love isn't for you, you can cancel at any time. Simple as that.

About Alexis and Crazy Wild Love

Five years ago, I struggled to get my life under control and to figure it all out on my own. But you don't have to struggle. And you don't have to go it alone.

My name is Alexis Meads and I'm a Self-Love Maven. When I was in my early twenties I thought I knew what I wanted and how to get it. But my life was spiraling out of control. I was yoyo-ing twenty pounds from binge eating and drinking, hated my job and found myself in a string of unsatisfying relationships.

Then I figured out the secret that changed my life.

The key to happiness could not be found in another person, job or thing.  That would come in time.  I first had to unlock my own heart.

What I discovered was that when I was truly healthy, happy and enjoying my life – a wonderful man appeared right before my eyes, I started a business that gives my life meaning, I weigh what I did in high school and I am grateful every day.

I founded Crazy Wild Love to help women get the support they need to create a life they love. It doesn't have to be so hard. It takes some tools, it takes some practice, it takes some guidance. Which, of course, is where I come in. :)

Believe me: You deserve to have it all.

Our new academy is the ultimate way to create a life you love with the support you crave.

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